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Cigar Shaped UFO Spotted Over Tijuana, Mexico

A dark colored cigar shaped UFO was seen in broad daylight. As it hovered in the sky over Tijuana, Mexico, on June 3.

A Mexican citizen living on the outskirts of Tijuana reported this incredible sighting to the prestigious MUFON Center (Mutual Ufo Network) case nº 109242.

The witness, called Ismael Torres, interviewed by his friend, the investigator Emanule Huza, said:

“Every day I go out to see the sky for a few minutes. And today I saw a dark spot on some hills. I ran for my camera and was able to zoom to see what it is and I managed to capture this.”

“The mysterious object remained motionless in the sky for a long time and was very high, then disappeared into thin air.”

Some researchers claim that this object is nothing more than the GoodYear balloon. However, when looking at the video we can see that there is no cabin. As there should be in an airship balloon, nor the rudders and rear elevators.

Of course, this does not mean that the filmed object is not a balloon, or that the image was falsified. What do you think about this Cigar Shaped UFO? Leave your comment below.