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Extraterrestrials and UFOs in Mystery Archives KGB (VIDEO)

What you are about to read about was all reported by the collective consisting of the Russian investigators Anton Anfalov, Lenur Azizov, and Alexander Mosolov. The three worked together to uncover the truth behind the Soviet prowess and they did so magnificently in our honest opinion.

First off they began by talking about how Russia had established contact with the Grey aliens in the year of 1942. Which when a meeting organized only for it to result in a temporary peace treaty between the nations.

In 1961 however, three more entities discovered aboard a Russian ship. Which allegedly had a meeting with a team of Russian officers which resulted in yet another series of discussions.

In 1969 however, in Sverdlovsk, it appears as though the Russian Army had officially landed themselves a crashed UFO.

This is where the KGB came in, taking everything away from the general public according to A.G. Ponomarenko.

This where things get weird, as apparently in 1989 yet another contact established with a UFO but only. That this time the UFO had retaliated as opposed to responding diplomatically. So, the Russian Army took it down.

Inside they came across three aliens which appeared to 3-4 feet tall reptilians. They had blue and green skin alongside long hair, big black eyes, and long slender limbs.

These were very strange as they were instantly stored in glass containers and transported to the Kapustin yar spaceport.