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One Of The Greatest Archeological Enigmas In The World Is That Of The Strange Cave Paintings, 10,000 Years Old.

One of the greatest archeological enigmas in the world is that of the strange cave paintings, 10,000 years old, found in the Sahara desert and that many consider clear evidence of the extraterrestrial visit in ancient times.

Now, a team of archaeologists has discovered a new painting that shakes the scientific community. Watch the video I just uploaded to YouTube about this amazing find!

In 1956, Henri Lhote, a French explorer, discovered Tassili’s strange cave paintings. Some of these are representations of beings dressed in gloves, boots and helmets similar to those used for space missions today.

The problem is that they were made 10,000 years ago and, obviously, at that time there were no such suits. Therefore, in this video I show you the opinion of both conventional archeology and believers that these representations are of beings from other planets.